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How to control the quality of high grade silicon steel casting billet

Release time: November 17, 2020 Views: 23 come from: Chengdu Zhengshang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd

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Wuhan Iron and steel works produces high grade silicon steel in China quality good Output large (annual output of 100000) has the world one Stainless steel pipe manufacturer with new horizontal process flow. Silicon steel is divided into non oriented and oriented. The non oriented silicon steel is rolled in the same direction, which is mainly used for motor. The grain orientation is obtained during the treatment of silicon steel sheet, which is mainly used as silicon steel sheet for transformer.

 Chongqing stainless steel wholesale market

Process flow of non oriented silicon steel. KR → converter smelting → RH → continuous casting → hot rolling (1.7m rolling mill) → annealing → pickling → cold rolling → annealing → annealing → finishing.

 Chongqing stainless steel pipe wholesale market

The process flow of grain oriented silicon steel: converter smelting → RH → continuous casting → hot rolling (1.7m rolling mill) → pickling → primary cold rolling → intermediate annealing → secondary cold rolling → annealing → finishing.

 Chongqing stainless steel pipe wholesale market

The main electromagnetic properties of silicon steel require low core loss (hysteresis + eddy current) and high magnetic induction strength. Si, Al, Cu and P are beneficial to reduce iron loss (but brittleness increases), while harmful elements such as C, Mn and s increase iron loss. (o), (H), (n) in steel are harmful gases. The inclusions of Si02 and Al2O3 are harmful, while MNS and ain are favorable. Considering the physical factors. The larger the grain size and the thinner the plate thickness, the better the electromagnetic properties. In smelting, attention should be paid to avoid excessive hydrogen content and blowhole scrapping. Most of the slag inclusion defects occur on the first slab near the dummy bar head, which is caused by the fact that the molten steel is not protected and the splashing of molten steel is oxidized during casting. When the casting speed is too high and the pouring temperature is too high, the probability of longitudinal cracks will increase.

 Chongqing stainless steel pipe wholesale market

In terms of chemical composition, the non oriented silicon steel requires that the sulfur content in the steel is extremely low, so that the sulfur content of hot metal entering the converter is not more than 0.003%. Therefore, the hot metal must be pretreated with KR. Both oriented and non oriented silicon steels require low gas content in the steel, so it is necessary to vacuum the molten steel with RH. The carbon content of non oriented silicon steel is low, so vacuum decarburization must be carried out by RH. Due to the high silicon content and poor thermal conductivity of high grade silicon steel, in order to ensure the magnetic properties of the products, there are strict requirements for pouring temperature, casting speed and cooling system. If the operation is improper, there will be segregation, inclusion and internal crack defects, resulting in too much iron loss and low magnetic induction

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