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How to identify the difference between scrap and scrap iron

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The identification of scrap steel by chemical analysis and spectral analysis is more accurate. At present, these two methods are mostly used in iron and steel enterprises and mechanical processing departments to test and distinguish the chemical composition of various steel materials and products. Special equipment and instruments and skilled operators are needed. At present, due to the limited conditions of metal recovery departments, it is rarely used in the identification of scrap iron and steel, and most of them are based on work experience, using simple and easy sensory identification and spark identification methods

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The purpose of distinguishing the color of steel and the sense organ is to distinguish the color of the steel and the sense organ by the way of seeing and feeling. From the aspect of appearance, there are obvious differences between scrap steel and scrap steel, mainly due to their different production methods and products.

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Steel has plasticity and ductility, most of which are rolled, forged and pressed into various shapes. Such as various plates, pipes, profiles, wire (steel wire) and so on. The steel has good machinability and fine structure. Therefore, the surface of general steel products is smooth and smooth without sand holes and pores. Steel also has good weldability. From this point, it can be distinguished that all parts and structures processed by welding are scrap steel.

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The difference between cast steel and cast iron, the vast majority of steel castings are machined equipment parts, rough and uneven surface. New steel casting surface with yellow There are traces of gas cutting or chiseling shovel left at the pouring and riser of large grain coarse sand, and the surface is rougher than that of cast iron castings. Although the surface of cast iron castings is rough but smooth, with sand holes, the surface of new iron castings has black sand, and there is broken slag left at the pouring cap.

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Cast iron is divided into gray cast iron, white cast iron and malleable iron. In terms of appearance and casting variety, most gray iron castings are machined by turning, milling and drilling. Many kinds of parts and components, such as machine bed, gearbox housing, motor housing, automobile, tractor cylinder block, diesel engine block, bearing block, belt pulley, grooved pulley, warm steam piece, valve body, etc., are gray cast iron. White cast iron, because of its hardness and brittleness, is directly cast into use without mechanical processing, such as plowshare, iron pot, stove, cast iron pipe, ball mill ball, etc.

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In addition, there is malleable cast iron, which is obtained by annealing white cast iron for a long time. Malleable cast iron is actually not malleable, some complex shapes, requirements one Strength and toughness parts, such as automobile, tractor rear axle housing, wheel hub, brake pedal, tube wrench, bench vice, elbow, tee, pipe hoop, knuckle, etc., are malleable cast iron parts. According to the above features, scrap steel and scrap iron can be separated and identified as gray cast iron, white cast iron and malleable cast iron. However, some products, such as gears and rolls, are difficult to be distinguished from their shapes, which requires mutual use with other identification methods

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